A feature-packed prototype app for creating skincare routines, shopping for products, and tracking your skin's progress.
Over the fall of 2022, I spent my time designing a platform for skincare routine building. It resulted in a research-heavy prototype app designed to be approachable, and friendly. The app encourages personalization and self-exploration, providing users with essential information regarding their products; such as active ingredients, correct application of products. 
The platform is a comfortable mobile app experience; also designed to facilitate shopping experiences in physical stores or at home. A central component of the app is the 'add' feature, , allowing users to add new products to their agendas; whether it's pre-owned or in stores.
Early Design Stage
Onboarding involves quiz concerning to skin needs and behavior. For hassle-free replenishment, users can select their desired stores.
Product verification with warnings, suggestions, and confirmation screens. 
Users have daily, weekly and monthly views of their routines, with quick option to replenish products.
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